Submit Issue

What you can do here

You can submit:

  • A bug or a problem you've encountered building or using OpenAMQ;
  • A suggestion for a change;
  • A feature request.

Before submitting an issue please check that no existing issue already covers your problem. If you're unsure, ask the mailing list.

To submit an issue, enter a short title and click Submit:

Issues are tagged

We use tags to classify issues.

Use one of these tags to say what kind of issue it is:

  • bug - a fault in the software or the packaging or the documentation.
  • change - a change proposal.
  • feature - a feature request.

Use one of these tags to say what state the issue is in:

  • open - a new, open issue (automatically set on new issues).
  • closed - issue has been closed.
  • rejected - the issue has been rejected.

Use one of these tags to say how urgent the issue is:

  • fatal - the issue is stopping all work.
  • urgent - it's urgent.

You can also vote on issues, to let us know which are the most important to you.

By default, tag all bug reports as "bug open" and all change requests as "new open".