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I get a link error on 'pthreads' under OpenSUSE (and maybe other Linux distros)

Make sure the glibc-devel package is installed.

When I try to build a PAL script I get "gcc: no input files"

You've either not defined IBASE, or you've defined it but not exported it. Define it and export it, and things should work better.

How do I force the C/C++ compiler used to build OpenAMQ?

On Linux/UNIX, set the CNAME and CDEFINES variables. All compilation is done by the foreign/c/c script. You can see how this works, modify it if necessary. The script detects the compiler based on the system, and the CNAME variable overrides it.

Build fails with "configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables"

The APR build needs some support from g++. Install using "sudo apt-get install g++" (on Debian-based systems), or similar on other systems.

After I rebuilt OpenAMQ, it crashes very horribly

You may have a mixture of builds in your executable, with structures that don't match between libraries and calling programs. Do a clean build.

Session 'alive' is always zero

It seems my session and connection objects are misaligned by four bytes. Things work, but strangely.

You may be dealing with the the build inconsistency - if you built Open AMQ as multi-threaded library, you need to build your code with BASE_THREADSAFE defined - that adds additional member (mutex, I think) to each structure. Mutex member is deffed-out if you build single-threaded version - BASE_THREADSAFE is undefined. — Dmitri Tsyganov.

Has anyone built OpenAMQ from sources under Cygwin (Win XP) recently?

No, the last time we tried we got a lot of errors. It's probably doable with some hacking. If you do get this to work, let us know how and we'll try to add support to the standard build packages. Same goes for other free C compilers on Windows.

Does OpenAMQ run on OpenVMS?

There are reports that some engineers in HP have ported OpenAMQ (by porting APR) and that it seems to work. Contact us if you need this and we'll put you in touch with the right people.

How do I build shareable libraries on Linux?

Set/add "-fPIC" to CCDEFINES before you run Don't forget to define BASE_THREADSAFE ("-DBASE_THREADSAFE") when you build your libraries, if you built multi-threaded OpenAMQ libs (BOOM_MODEL=release(or debug),mt).

When I compile the code using G++ I get lots of warnings

Set/add "-Wno-write-strings" to CCDEFINES before you build. This suppresses the many warnings you'll get about the way the OpenAMQ code passes string arguments.


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