Win32 builds with DLLs


To install, download the zip file, unzip, and set your IBASE and PATH as explained in the OpenAMQ docs.

Builds also include client libraries in form of DLLs (not available in original OpenAMQ package):

1. Multithreaded release: oamqclimt.dll/.lib/.exp
2. Multithreaded debug: oamqclimtd.dll/.lib/.exp
3. Singlethreaded release: oamqclist.dll/.lib/.exp
4. Singlethreaded debug: oamqclistd.dll/.lib/.exp

Don't use this for anything else except linking client applications against a DLL, or running the broker. If you want any of the other goodies use the original source kit.


Standard OpenAMQ license applies.


For all questions please use the OpenAMQ mailing list.



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Martin Sustrik <moc.xitami|kirtsus#moc.xitami|kirtsus>

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Win32 builds with DLLs: This package provides Win32 builds of the OpenAMQ software including DLLs.